Peter Byrne

My name is Peter Byrne and I’m a professional arborist and tree consultant with a passion for tree care, cultivation and management.

I have been working in the arboricultural industry for over 35 years and ran my own tree surgery company for a quarter of a century.

Whilst researching ideas for the blog I noticed there was a lack of tree surgery blogs with precise, true and up to date information.

The reason why is started this blog is to share my vast knowledge of trees and tree work during my time as an arborist.

Being retired gives me a lot of time to write compelling articles on many topics on trees for both consumers and tree surgeons.

Feel free to browse my website and don’t forget to share the articles with friends, family and colleges.


What My Blog Is All About


Byrne Tree Surgery blog is the best place to find top quality articles on all topics of arboriculture, along with the latest news, case studies and reviews of tree surgery tools and equipment.


My Mission


My mission is to make Byrne Tree Surgery Blog the number one source for all things arboriculture by giving my readers true, accurate and up to date information.


Submitting Guest Posts for My Blog


Are you a professional in the arboriculture industry and want to share your work with Byrne Tree Surgery Blog?

I am giving other professionals in my industry a chance to submit guest posts of their work to my blog.

You can send in whatever articles you like as long as there high quality, relevant and add value to the blog.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding my blog, guest blogging or advertising, please don’t hesitate to contact me.