Would you like to write for us at Byrne Tree Surgery Blog? Find out how to submit a guest post and become a contributor of our blog.

At Byrne Tree Surgery we are always on the lookout for top quality writers who want to share their knowledge and expertise to provide maximum value for our readers.

So, if you are interested in writing quality articles that are original and unique, carry on reading to find out how you can submit your own guest post.


Write for Us: Why Contribute to Byrne Tree Surgery?


Byrne Tree Surgery blog is the best place to find top quality articles on all topics of arboriculture, along with the latest news, case studies and reviews of tree surgery tools and equipment.

If you have a company or brand in the industry, you can get your best work seen by hundreds of people which will lead to more exposure and recognition for you.


Benefits of Contributing Your Guest Post


There are many benefits to contributing your articles and are as follows:

  • A contextual link anywhere in your article
  • Do follow link for better search engine rankings
  • Highly targeted traffic website traffic
  • Get your post promoted in our monthly newsletter
  • You post will be shared on all our social channels
  • Increase your exposure and brand awareness
  • Build your portfolio and credibility


Quality Guidelines for Guest Post Submission


These are the guidelines to get your guest post accepted:

  • Original and Unique: All articles must be original and unique
  • 800+ Words:Posts should have at least 800 words because I think it is not possible to write a detailed post in less than 800 words.
  • Proper Grammar:Please check for grammar mistakes such as spellings and punctuation
  • Multimedia:Post should contain 2 or more quality images and you can also add videos if needed. without Image, your article will not publish on my blog.


List of Topics We Accept


Here is a list of topics we accept on our blog:

  • Trees (types of tree and species)
  • Tree Surgery (felling, pruning, stump removal etc)
  • Tree Consultancy (tree surveys, information)
  • Parks & Open Spaces (local parks, royal parks etc)
  • Case Studies (tree research)
  • Industry News (latest arboricultural news)
  • Product Reviews (tree surgery equipment and tools)


How to Submit a Guest Post


Instructions on how to submit your guest post:

  • Click the submit guest post button below
  • Select the quantity of guest posts you wish to submit
  • Upload your articles at the checkout
  • Make payment via PayPal


Please Note: Your articles will be checked by one of our editors before going live to ensure they adhere to the quality guidelines. Once checked and everything is ok they will usually go live in 24 hours.


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Why Do U Charge A Fee for Guest Posting?


We want to maintain the highest standards of content on our blog and for this reason we charge a fee to anyone that wants to publish their work here.

This stops people wasting my time and deters them from submitting spun, copied or low-quality content which can damage my reputation and website quality.

I do however offer generous discounts for bulk submissions and can negotiate a good rate per post depending on the volume required.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding guest post submission, please don’t hesitate to contact me.